Vidmate for Beginners

Vidmate is one of the most versatile apps in the market. There is hardly any match for the features it offers, and the number of features it offers are exemplary. Vidmate is most definitely several apps rolled into one. There is no need for an internet browser, video downloader, file locker and several other sorts of apps once you have this tiny little app in your device.

Astounded? It’s true. Vidmate has the most features in the world of apps in proportion to its size. Let us tell you about some of these.

vidmate download

  1. Video Downloading
    You can download your favorite content from the world wide web right onto your device, and in the fastest of speeds at that. Be it hosted on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo or any other site, you can get the video in a jiffy. This also extends generously to audio files, which are a breeze to download and enjoy.
  2. File Locking
    Want to prevent your kids from watching age inappropriate content you might have on your device? no worries! Download any content you like; you can hide them using Vidmate’s “Private Space” feature. Password protecting your war or horror movies has never been easier.
  3. Internet Browsing
    There’s so many times that your internet browser gets slow or unresponsive. It can be a pain. But Vidmate’s powerful internet browsing capabilities make that a much less likely scenario. Coupled with the video downloading functionality, you can save that funny compilation your friend or favorite youtuber made with a single tap on your SD card.

Vidmate download enabled me to get rid of my Opera Mini, the heavy Facebook app and file hiding software. I haven’t regretted any of it. Vidmate’s capabilities are the biggest asset to arm your smartphone with for the best internet experience. Vidmate install is the greatest asset for your device.


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