PNG vs JPG – What Are The Differences?

PNG and JPG image formats are the most popular file formats. Most images are rendered and saved in these file formats. However, not many people know the difference between a PNG format and a JPG file format. It is not complicated but still people aren’t aware of the fact why sometimes an image is saved in PNG file format and not in JPG or vice versa.

Both these image formats are also similar but different from each other in different terms. To help end you confusion, we are going to discuss the major differences between PNG and JPG file format. Let us first have a look at the characteristics of JPG file format.

JPG Format

JPG format (JPEG) is a compressed file format and it is generally used for saving and rendering images in smaller sizes. An image saved with a JPG extension takes up less space and JPEG images are most commonly used and can be found all over the web. JPEG images are very much preferred by web developers as they don’t affect the loading time of a webpage.

This file format is also used for storing text, lines, shapes when small size is the top priority. The notable thing about JPG format is that even though the images saved as JPEG are small in size, the decrease in quality is hardly noticeable.

PNG Format

PNG format (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless image compression format. If an image is saved in PNG file format then the change in quality is very little or not noticeable at all. PNG format supports image transparency and if you want to come up with a transparent image or don’t want to lose transparency of a particular image then you can save it as a PNG image.

On the other hand, if you save a transparent image as JPEG then even if you don’t see a major difference in quality, the image will lose its transparency and will display a white background.


It is not very hard to determine when you have to save an image in PNG or JPG. If you want an image that is small in size and fine in quality then you can save it as JPG. Although, if you strictly want an image to be saved in the highest quality possible then it is advised to save it as a PNG image. If you want an image to be transparent then go for PNG format. If you want your website to load faster then go for JPG format. The debate of PNG vs JPG is more about quality vs size/quality.

So, these were the major differences between PNG and JPG file formats. In this post, we discuss the characteristics of PNG and JPG images. We hope that this post added value and that we were able to clear your doubts. Although, if you still have any sort of doubts or queries then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Stay tuned to our blog for more such informative posts and updates.


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