How to back up Whatsapp Conversations

One of the most convenient and popular instant messaging service for mobile phones, “Whatsapp” It is important to keep a safe backup of message history for various reasons. Every day you send and receive a large number of messages out of which some you will want to make sure to keep safe. The chances of your phone being lost, spoilt, stolen or some other random thing is pretty high, what are the odds? Isn’t it advisable for you to back up your Whatsapp conversations? This is how.

How to Back Up Conversations In Whatsapp for Android and Blackberry

  • Whatsapp has excelled due to its simplicity. Whatsapp has been designed in a way that backing up conversations is not a hassle giving you no trouble saving your time and effort.
  • You will first have to open the “Whatsapp” application where your chats shall be showcased on your mobile screen.
  • On the upper right corner you will notice and icon which looks like 3 dots vertically stacked on top of the other.
  • Now on the upper right corner where the three dots are, you will have to choose the icon, on which you will be seeing a dialogue box opening on your mobile screen
  • From all the options now shown you will have to choose settings.
  • Further you will have to choose chat settings from the set of options on your screen.
  • You will now see an option “Backup Chat History”
  • Once you choose “Backup Chat History” the rest is an automatic process at the end of which you will see a timestamp.
  • However the backup is of no use if you do not back it up off your mobile phone.
  • You will have to plug your phone to your PC via USB and go to Whatsapp/Databases folder.
  • In the folder you will find all the backup files dated as per performed actions.
  • The most current backup technically will be the file with the latest date which you can copy paste to your desired location in the PC storage.

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If the need arises for you to restore your chats you can copy the backup file from your PC storage plug your phone head to Whatsapp/Databases and paste it there. Next time you open your application you will find all your backed up conversations.

How to Back Up Conversations In Whatsapp for iOS

  • You will have to download Copy Trans Contacts on your computer.
  • Install the program on your computer.
  • Run Copy Trans Contacts and connect your iphone. The program will start loading all iphone data.
  • You will see a speech bubble icon on which you will have to click and stand by until you see the iphone text messages.
  • On top left side from the “sources” pane select “whatsapp”. A list of whatsapp conversations will be seen.
  • Now choose the conversations you wish to back up. After you are done selecting the number of chats you desire to save click on the “Export Selected” option.
  • Now select the backup format from the options displayed on your screen.
  • Now pick a location on the pc where you would like the back up to be.

Your whatsapp conversations are now backed up on your computer on your desired location and can be restored anytime you would want to.


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