Dolphin Browser for PC: Features & Installation Process

Hey fellas! Today I’m going to review about Dolphin browser and going to explain on how to install it on the PC. Let us have a look on its features, and the Dolphin Browser for PC install guide.

Dolphin browser is the fast browser that I have come across that has the capability to host the add-ons to the web browsing on the platforms of Android smartphones and the Android Tablets. The user interface on the Dolphin browser supports voice and gesture based navigation as well. It has the support of LastPass password that can manage and synchronize to the bookmarks in Google Chrome. It has the inbuilt screen grab taker too.

Let’s have a brief of Voice Control and Gestures:

Voice control on the Dolphin browser can let you control with your voice and the other thing that reminds me is that when you click on the dolphin button is the Sonar!

Gestures is an interesting add to this browser and it is the best one it can offer so far. It would be on of that useful browsers that will be interesting, and plain neat!

Now let us move to the actual process of downloading Dolphin on Windows:

There are two different methods to install download dolphin browser for Windows 7 and 8.


Dolphin for Android

Dolphin for iOS

Method 1  for Dolphin Browser for PC Download:

You can download with the help of a Android emulator like Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Once after installation, just follow the steps below:

search for Dolphin Installation after installing Bluestacks in the search box

Now enter on the option that you are searching for and you will find the browser

Click no the install and that’s it! it’ll be installed within five minutes.

This is all you need to do if you want to install the Dolphin browser on the PC in Windows platform. Here we move on to the next process:

Method 2 Dolphin Browser for PC Download:

The method 2 is different from the method one. Here you will be provided a .Apk file for this browser and the size will be very less around 2MB. You can have a direct download.

Both the methods will be successful eventually. Now it is your choice which one to download based on your expectations and on your requirements.

Final verdict:

Dolphin Browser is a unique feature packed browser that has the add-ons added to it where you can have a great fun using them. It is worthy to have a browser like this though it doesn’t add much to the speedo fit and some features look pointless eventually. It is suggestible to use it!


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