5 Best Music Apps For Android

It happens so many times that we like some certain song or several song we wish to have it

on our music playlist, but on browsing the internet for the song we find everything but the

song, which is such a waste of time and a mood killer. Then you don’t download the song and

wait for it to come to you somehow either by a friend or a random somebody.

There are unlimited music download apps you will find in the play store and some of them

even have unlimited download capability. Probably if you choose the right music download

app on your Android device you will not have to miss out on some of your favourite songs.

Here are some to help you choose the Best Music Apps For Android


  • Itube Music Downloader

This app can download all mp3 files on the internet also letting you play and save it

on your android device.

Some of the key features are “search by artist/song name”, Preview/save MP3, online

lyrics, add favorite songs to your playlist, set as ringtone/alarm/notification.

A fairly good internet connection will be required to run this app smooth.

  • MP3 Music Download (Baymax Media)

This is a MP3 downloader app that allows download of copy left and CC licensed

MP3 files. This is for you to enjoy legal and free music.

The key features are-

Easy music search engines

Fast music downloader tool

Availability to set the song as ringtone/alarm

Search by song/artist/album

Preview available

  • MP3 music download (Hangsui)

A simple yet powerful app having the potential to download music from the internet.

Some users also state that it also can download songs from YouTube.

The key features are-

Download MP3 to your SD card.

You can listen to the MP3 files.

Easy management of MP3 music

  •  MP3 Skull

Free application in the play store which enables you to download free music from the

internet. It also has a quick search engine and very easy downloads.

They key features are-

Free search MP3 files

Easy download process

Liberty to preview your MP3 file and listen to it

Setting your desired music piece as a ringtone

Song lyrics only if they are available.

  • Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a topping the charts in the field of music downloader apps for your

android devices. When it comes to downloading music off the internet rhapsody does

it best of all apps.

It allows you to download millions of songs and also has several features including

ad free and high quality audio files with advanced artist and song radio.

This app allows you to create your very own soundtrack and build playlists as per

your mood.

In case of no internet connection you can play the previously downloaded MP3 files,

meaning you can be in the off line mode. You can also play radio based music on any

artist or song.

They key features are as follows:-

  • Unlimited download MP3
  •  Good quality, AD free audio
  • Advanced artist/song radio
  • Personalized soundtrack creativity
  • Advanced radio
  • Offline mode to listen to music in case of no internet connection.

So now we hope you have a good idea on what to look for when choosing the Best Music Apps For Android for your device.


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