Dolphin Browser for PC: Features & Installation Process

Hey fellas! Today I’m going to review about Dolphin browser and going to explain on how to install it on the PC. Let us have a look on its features, and the Dolphin Browser for PC install guide.

Dolphin browser is the fast browser that I have come across that has the capability to host the add-ons to the web browsing on the platforms of Android smartphones and the Android Tablets. The user interface on the Dolphin browser supports voice and gesture based navigation as well. It has the support of LastPass password that can manage and synchronize to the bookmarks in Google Chrome. It has the inbuilt screen grab taker too.

Let’s have a brief of Voice Control and Gestures:

Voice control on the Dolphin browser can let you control with your voice and the other thing that reminds me is that when you click on the dolphin button is the Sonar!

Gestures is an interesting add to this browser and it is the best one it can offer so far. It would be on of that useful browsers that will be interesting, and plain neat!

Now let us move to the actual process of downloading Dolphin on Windows:

There are two different methods to install download dolphin browser for Windows 7 and 8.


Dolphin for Android

Dolphin for iOS

Method 1  for Dolphin Browser for PC Download:

You can download with the help of a Android emulator like Bluestacks on your Windows PC. Once after installation, just follow the steps below:

search for Dolphin Installation after installing Bluestacks in the search box

Now enter on the option that you are searching for and you will find the browser

Click no the install and that’s it! it’ll be installed within five minutes.

This is all you need to do if you want to install the Dolphin browser on the PC in Windows platform. Here we move on to the next process:

Method 2 Dolphin Browser for PC Download:

The method 2 is different from the method one. Here you will be provided a .Apk file for this browser and the size will be very less around 2MB. You can have a direct download.

Both the methods will be successful eventually. Now it is your choice which one to download based on your expectations and on your requirements.

Final verdict:

Dolphin Browser is a unique feature packed browser that has the add-ons added to it where you can have a great fun using them. It is worthy to have a browser like this though it doesn’t add much to the speedo fit and some features look pointless eventually. It is suggestible to use it!

How to Download and Install Playview on Blackberry

Play view is an awesome android application which has gained immense amount of popularity in a short time. The app allows you to stream all your favorite videos for free.

The app is originally made for android phones and it’s slowly making its way to other devices running different operating systems. So today we have brought you a guide to install playview apk on BlackBerry smartphones-

Playview app for blackberry phones – how to download & install / Playview on BlackBerry – Complete installation guide

Playview is a live streaming app. It allows you to watch thousands of movies and Tv serials online for free that too in the HD quality.

You can also download any video for watching it later or if you like you can make your own video collection using its download feature. The app also includes features like multiple language support and subtitles.

Here is how you can install Playview on your blackberry smartphones running OS version 10.2 and higher-

playview download

Step 1: Getting Playview apk

First of all, you need to get the Playview apk. You can get it directly from the official website of Playview here ( ).

If you are having trouble downloading the apk from your phone then you can download it to your computer or any other phone and then move it to your blackberry mobile using a USB cable or blue tooth.

Step 2: installing the apk

Once you have the apk in your phone, you can install it with the standard android process of installing a apk. Just go to the folder where you have downloaded the apk and click on it to install.

If it’s the first time you are installing an Apk file then you’ll need to turn off safety settings which blocks the installation of third party application on Blackberry phones. You can turn off the settings by going into settings> security.

Step 3: Configuring Playview

Now you have Playview installed on your blackberry mobile. You’ll have to create a new id on Playview when the first time you open the app. You can use your email id to create a new Playview account or sign up using your Facebook account.

Once you have created your id, you’re free to use the playview app on blackberry. You can now enjoy you favorite movies and TV shows for free.

Unfortunately, the app not currently available officially for the blackberry OS. Which means if you have a phone running OS version 10.2 or earlier, then you won’t be able to download Playview.

Wrap up

So now you have playview app install on your blackberry phone. Do you have any questions about this tutorial? Which movies are you planning to watch on playview? Do tell us all in the comments section.

Showbox for PC – apk file

Showbox is a Movie & t.v series streamer,it allows you to watch them for free. There are no restrictions, no advertisements. Therefore, users can easily watch any movie or series. Smartphone users can use showbox anywhere and anytime, of course you need internet for that!

The problem arises when people want to watch movies for free that to on their laptops. Maybe we haven’t realized yet, most of the sites do charge us something for watching movies and series online, including YouTube.

I have talked to many people around me about showbox, you will not believe, they think that Show box is not available for PC users. Seriously, are you one of them?

No problem, let’s discuss how to download showbox on your PC’s. After this article, it will be the easiest thing you can do on your Laptop.

So, let me start with the emulation part. Without emulation, it would be difficult for you to download Showbox. apk file on your PC. I will be giving you all a brief list of top 3 emulators that you can download on your computer. Then, of course, you can find any android or iOS application.


Emulator is an software or hardware that enables a computer system to behave like another computer system. It allows you to run any kind of application on your computer. For example, If you want to run WhatsApp on your computer, first you have to download emulator and then WhatsApp. This is the easiest way to run Android or iOS apps on your PC.

You can be sure of the fact that emulators are safe for your computer. Still I would recommend you to download emulator with full safety measures, obviously for your computer!

One thing that should be kept in mind, while downloading any kind of emulator is to have an anti – virus system on your computer. So, before and after downloading process of emulators, please run the anti – virus system once.

Secondly, keep in mind to update your graphic driver and windows before downloading the emulator. If any of the one is not downloaded, you will surely face problem, like – system hang, or hardware crash.

Now I guess I can tell you the top 3 emulators till now –

  • Bluestack – Bluestack is an excellent android emulator. It allows you to download almost any application from android. There are some advertisements that can irritate you, but you can skip them by paying the monthly fees.
  • Andyroid – Andyroid is the perfect emulator for Mac users especially. It can handle Showbox very easily. Totally free of cost as well as advertisement free. Right now, Andyroid is working on top. You can always try it.
  • Manymo – If you looking for a free and online emulator, then Manymo is your answer. Manymo allows you to download most of the Android application for free, there are no monthly charges added to it. There is no issue of downloading it on your computer. It provides you all the features that are available in Andyroid and Bluestack. I guess this is better to try!


Downloading Showbox on PC

Downloading Showbox on your PC is very easy. You just need to follow these steps carefully :-

Step 1 – First of all, download An emulator on your computer. As explained above.

Step 2 – then, look out for the emulator downloaded file in your computer.

Step 3 – Search Showbox in your emulator fie.

Step 4 – Once you find it, download it and work with it as you wish to.

These were few easy steps that you can follow. I have included almost all the relevant information regarding Showbox and emulators. For any query or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

Vidmate for Beginners

Vidmate is one of the most versatile apps in the market. There is hardly any match for the features it offers, and the number of features it offers are exemplary. Vidmate is most definitely several apps rolled into one. There is no need for an internet browser, video downloader, file locker and several other sorts of apps once you have this tiny little app in your device.

Astounded? It’s true. Vidmate has the most features in the world of apps in proportion to its size. Let us tell you about some of these.

vidmate download

  1. Video Downloading
    You can download your favorite content from the world wide web right onto your device, and in the fastest of speeds at that. Be it hosted on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo or any other site, you can get the video in a jiffy. This also extends generously to audio files, which are a breeze to download and enjoy.
  2. File Locking
    Want to prevent your kids from watching age inappropriate content you might have on your device? no worries! Download any content you like; you can hide them using Vidmate’s “Private Space” feature. Password protecting your war or horror movies has never been easier.
  3. Internet Browsing
    There’s so many times that your internet browser gets slow or unresponsive. It can be a pain. But Vidmate’s powerful internet browsing capabilities make that a much less likely scenario. Coupled with the video downloading functionality, you can save that funny compilation your friend or favorite youtuber made with a single tap on your SD card.

Vidmate download enabled me to get rid of my Opera Mini, the heavy Facebook app and file hiding software. I haven’t regretted any of it. Vidmate’s capabilities are the biggest asset to arm your smartphone with for the best internet experience. Vidmate install is the greatest asset for your device.

KIK Messenger for MAC

I’ll tell you something. If you have a brand new laptop based on your affordable budget and not part of the Apple family, then you’re missing out something very badly. If you are part of the Apple world, then you must be using Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbok Air probably in this world of portable devices and computing.

We have seen a lot about downloading apps for your Mac Desktop Computer. You all might have heard or read about the Kik Messenger on PC now a days. So, the question is that can we use Kik for Macbook Pro or say Macbook Air just like we use the Kik for Mac and for PC? You can find an answer here:

You can get a lot of advantages and great capabilities from using Macbook since you get into the Mac. The thing about Macbook and the other laptops is that they make your lifestyle much better and productive with the type of tools and the applications they have. This is the reason this article is just for you. By the way, you can certainly download the Kik Messenger app for the Macbook. Let us have a look into the process now.

So, before you have to download Kik for Macbook Pro now which is also apt for the other Macbooks. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned. Let’s go!

  1. Download and install an Android emulator initially. This is for an easy process of downloading of the app into the device. They are all free and legal to use. They are also used to test the apps for different of screens.
  2. As far as I know, the best one out in the market is that which uses the BlueStacks App Player. There is another awesome app called Manymo. You can use it to run online without downloading any other software. The Android emulator is also compatible for your iPhones of various versions.
  3. Now after downloading it, open the emulator on your device, Mabook Pro. You can see a menu popup. It depends on the type of emulator you’re using.
  4. Now search for the Kik App within the emulator and select the Kik Messenger there!
  5. Voila! You can now run for the Kik Messenger on Macbook Pro.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy the app on your Mabook Pro. Same process applies for Macbook Air.

Tips For Zapya For PC Free Download

Zapya is the most famous file sharing app. Every single day users tend to find unique and easy ways for file transfer. This is a surprising fact; users always ignore file sharing app. The main reason for such avoidance is the unavailability of proper knowledge. For users, most common methods for file sharing are Bluetooth and USB data cable. Both of them have become obsolete procedures for file sharing.

We are living in a high tech environment. Nobody can afford to spend so much time on just single file transfer. Sending single files like image or song is easier with Bluetooth. But what about large files like HD movies or complete playlist of songs. In that case, the file sharing app is an absolute solution.

This post is specially crafted for Zapya and tips for its installation. Here I am going to discuss the complete procedure of Download Zapya for PC free download.

But before going to the installation method, let’s check its premium features.

  • It is the fastest file sharing the app in the market. As it uses only Wifi technology for file transfer. It only uses technology for creating a channel needed for transfer. It does not cost you data connection.
  • It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth or data cable. Now sharing of HD movie will be the matter of few minutes.
  • It is supported by multiple devices. For example, laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • The best part, it can be installed on the different operating system. Windows, Android, iOS, every single operating system support this application. It means cross-platform file transfer is possible with Zapya.
  • You get these supreme feature without spending a single dime. It is an open source application for users all around the globe.

Download Zapya For PC:

In this part, we will see how we can get Zapya for PC free download.

  • First of all, we need an Android emulator.
  • Download any popular Android emulator like Bluestacks or Andyroid.
  • Once installation Bluestacks is done.
  • Open up the emulator.
  • Insert “Zapya” in the search bar.
  • From search results, click on the install written in front of “Zapya”.
  • That’s it!

The last step is the file transfer. Keep sharing and enjoying!

How to back up Whatsapp Conversations

One of the most convenient and popular instant messaging service for mobile phones, “Whatsapp” It is important to keep a safe backup of message history for various reasons. Every day you send and receive a large number of messages out of which some you will want to make sure to keep safe. The chances of your phone being lost, spoilt, stolen or some other random thing is pretty high, what are the odds? Isn’t it advisable for you to back up your Whatsapp conversations? This is how.

How to Back Up Conversations In Whatsapp for Android and Blackberry

  • Whatsapp has excelled due to its simplicity. Whatsapp has been designed in a way that backing up conversations is not a hassle giving you no trouble saving your time and effort.
  • You will first have to open the “Whatsapp” application where your chats shall be showcased on your mobile screen.
  • On the upper right corner you will notice and icon which looks like 3 dots vertically stacked on top of the other.
  • Now on the upper right corner where the three dots are, you will have to choose the icon, on which you will be seeing a dialogue box opening on your mobile screen
  • From all the options now shown you will have to choose settings.
  • Further you will have to choose chat settings from the set of options on your screen.
  • You will now see an option “Backup Chat History”
  • Once you choose “Backup Chat History” the rest is an automatic process at the end of which you will see a timestamp.
  • However the backup is of no use if you do not back it up off your mobile phone.
  • You will have to plug your phone to your PC via USB and go to Whatsapp/Databases folder.
  • In the folder you will find all the backup files dated as per performed actions.
  • The most current backup technically will be the file with the latest date which you can copy paste to your desired location in the PC storage.

Read –

If the need arises for you to restore your chats you can copy the backup file from your PC storage plug your phone head to Whatsapp/Databases and paste it there. Next time you open your application you will find all your backed up conversations.

How to Back Up Conversations In Whatsapp for iOS

  • You will have to download Copy Trans Contacts on your computer.
  • Install the program on your computer.
  • Run Copy Trans Contacts and connect your iphone. The program will start loading all iphone data.
  • You will see a speech bubble icon on which you will have to click and stand by until you see the iphone text messages.
  • On top left side from the “sources” pane select “whatsapp”. A list of whatsapp conversations will be seen.
  • Now choose the conversations you wish to back up. After you are done selecting the number of chats you desire to save click on the “Export Selected” option.
  • Now select the backup format from the options displayed on your screen.
  • Now pick a location on the pc where you would like the back up to be.

Your whatsapp conversations are now backed up on your computer on your desired location and can be restored anytime you would want to.

5 Best Music Apps For Android

It happens so many times that we like some certain song or several song we wish to have it

on our music playlist, but on browsing the internet for the song we find everything but the

song, which is such a waste of time and a mood killer. Then you don’t download the song and

wait for it to come to you somehow either by a friend or a random somebody.

There are unlimited music download apps you will find in the play store and some of them

even have unlimited download capability. Probably if you choose the right music download

app on your Android device you will not have to miss out on some of your favourite songs.

Here are some to help you choose the Best Music Apps For Android


  • Itube Music Downloader

This app can download all mp3 files on the internet also letting you play and save it

on your android device.

Some of the key features are “search by artist/song name”, Preview/save MP3, online

lyrics, add favorite songs to your playlist, set as ringtone/alarm/notification.

A fairly good internet connection will be required to run this app smooth.

  • MP3 Music Download (Baymax Media)

This is a MP3 downloader app that allows download of copy left and CC licensed

MP3 files. This is for you to enjoy legal and free music.

The key features are-

Easy music search engines

Fast music downloader tool

Availability to set the song as ringtone/alarm

Search by song/artist/album

Preview available

  • MP3 music download (Hangsui)

A simple yet powerful app having the potential to download music from the internet.

Some users also state that it also can download songs from YouTube.

The key features are-

Download MP3 to your SD card.

You can listen to the MP3 files.

Easy management of MP3 music

  •  MP3 Skull

Free application in the play store which enables you to download free music from the

internet. It also has a quick search engine and very easy downloads.

They key features are-

Free search MP3 files

Easy download process

Liberty to preview your MP3 file and listen to it

Setting your desired music piece as a ringtone

Song lyrics only if they are available.

  • Rhapsody

Rhapsody is a topping the charts in the field of music downloader apps for your

android devices. When it comes to downloading music off the internet rhapsody does

it best of all apps.

It allows you to download millions of songs and also has several features including

ad free and high quality audio files with advanced artist and song radio.

This app allows you to create your very own soundtrack and build playlists as per

your mood.

In case of no internet connection you can play the previously downloaded MP3 files,

meaning you can be in the off line mode. You can also play radio based music on any

artist or song.

They key features are as follows:-

  • Unlimited download MP3
  •  Good quality, AD free audio
  • Advanced artist/song radio
  • Personalized soundtrack creativity
  • Advanced radio
  • Offline mode to listen to music in case of no internet connection.

So now we hope you have a good idea on what to look for when choosing the Best Music Apps For Android for your device.